Dice Coding Game

Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task. It  teaches kids important academic skills and builds crucial soft skills

Kids enjoy hands-on activities and I love setting up quick and easy activities for Anay. I drew different patterns on a paper and asked him

Secret code with lego

If you have a Lego obsessed kid then try this activity Secret Code with Lego. Anay loves to play with Lego so sometimes I try

Paper Mosaic Popsicle

One of the first things that kids think about as soon as the weather warms up is a popsicle! So today we made this Paper

Domino Line-up

Dominoes are great for Math Activities. There is much to learn using these tiny little rectangles and  today we will start with a interesting one

Water Beads Art

Water beads make a great sensory play for kids. They are slimy, squishy, and invite all sorts of play both indoors and out. They hit

LEGO Symmetry

Anay loves to play with LEGO so today we decided to do something different and fun with it. Things you need LEGO Something to make

Bottle cap ocean scene

Today we did a little craft with bottle cap which we have been collecting. We decided to make some sea animals and created this ocean

Egg Carton Flowers

I had few egg cartons leftover so we decided to make some fun spring themed craft with them. Things you need Egg Cartons Water Colors

I have made chocolate brownies following this recipe so many times and every time it turned out very delicious. Sharing the recipe here, if you