Dice Coding Game

Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task. It  teaches kids important academic skills and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization.  This game involves simple pre-coding skills where your kid has to follow some instructions while playing the game. This introduces the concepts of looping and conditionals. …

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Domino Line-up

Dominoes are great for Math Activities. There is much to learn using these tiny little rectangles and  today we will start with a interesting one that is easy and simple, Domino Line-Up. Dominoes are great way to teach kids to subitize numbers – that rapid ability to see a group of objects and instantly know …

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LEGO Symmetry

Anay loves to play with LEGO so today we decided to do something different and fun with it. Things you need LEGO Something to make mirror line ( we used one block wide lego block) LEGO base plate  I explained to him that he needed to copy what I did on my side. I helped …

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