secret code with lego

Secret code with lego

If you have a Lego obsessed kid then try this activity Secret Code with Lego. Anay loves to play with Lego so sometimes I try to incorporate some fun learning to it. I had introduced coding to him a while ago and he has loved it so far. Learning coding through hands-on activities makes the subject more interactive for kids. And using Lego bricks is the perfect opportunity for building fine motor skills.

Let’s start with :

What is coding and decoding?

Coding is a process used to encrypt a word, a number in a particular code or pattern based on some set of rules. Decoding is a process to decrypt the pattern into its original form from the given codes.

You only need Lego bricks and base plate for this activity. Use bricks to create a code. Then kids can build and de-code secret messages!


  • Create a code by assigning a different Lego brick to each alphabet.
  • I selected small bricks that would not take up much room on the baseplate. 
  • I also made sure that we could find at least 4-5 bricks of the same type.
  • It’s important to have plenty of Lego bricks that you choose for the most common letters like vowels.
  • I constructed a secret message for Anay to decode.  He had to decode the message and write it down for me. 
  • I made blanks for each letter, which made it easier for him to keep up with the decoding process.
secret code with lego 4

Anay also wanted to make a secret message. So I wrote a message for him on a paper. And he used the Lego bricks to make the secret message.We made many secret messages and decoded the them.

Coding teaches a lot of important skills like persistence, logic, focus, organization and patience. It also helps with math and communication skills. This really is a skill that kids can use in all aspects of life.

secret code with lego

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