Domino Line-up

Dominoes are great for Math Activities. There is much to learn using these tiny little rectangles and  today we will start with a interesting one that is easy and simple, Domino Line-Up.

Dominoes are great way to teach kids to subitize numbers – that rapid ability to see a group of objects and instantly know how many without counting it. This is a great hands-on math activity.

Things you need

  • Dominoes
  • Black marker
  • Sticky notes
And thats all you need for this activity. 

The set up

  • On each sticky note, write a number from 1-12.
  • Each number can be acquired by adding both sides of the domino together.
  • I showed Anay how to count all the dots and then place the domino next to the number it represents.

Skills Learned

In this activity Anay learned –

  • Counting with 1:1 correspondence
  • Subitizing numbers
  • Addition of two numbers
  • Recognizing printed numerals
  • Understanding that numbers can be composed of different numbers (think 4 is made of 1 and 3 & 2 and 2)

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